21 May 2012

Final installment

Hi all,
Well - we are finally there.  Living in Glenview is awesome! 400 m from Josh's school and pin-drop quiet! Except for our friendly kookaburra family & the Guinea Fowl family next door, the chooks across the road and the sometimes distant sound of the remote control car racers (serious league) down the road. Love being in a home that for a couple of years was just a drawing. Here is the final installment of a few photos.  Many thanks for all your thoughts, support and prayer along the way.  The Lord has blessed us richly.

Here comes the piano!

The finished piano nook

Our Bedroom
The Heart - our Kitchen!

The cute little wall decal!

Lizy's room

View to the west end of the deck

The Boys new Cave.

Guest Bedroom
 A great fishing spot just 1 min down the road! The Ewan Maddock Dam

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  1. hi jon, chels, josh, lizy & sam SO lovely to hear you're in & settled! your new home looks very your fam (awesome). hope you're not missing the old place too much! looking forward to a visit. lotsa love always. en


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