14 July 2012

A day with the kids

Hi Fam, Just a few pics with our amazing children... enjoy (oh - the kangaroo is only considered a visitor... not part of the family).

21 May 2012

Final installment

Hi all,
Well - we are finally there.  Living in Glenview is awesome! 400 m from Josh's school and pin-drop quiet! Except for our friendly kookaburra family & the Guinea Fowl family next door, the chooks across the road and the sometimes distant sound of the remote control car racers (serious league) down the road. Love being in a home that for a couple of years was just a drawing. Here is the final installment of a few photos.  Many thanks for all your thoughts, support and prayer along the way.  The Lord has blessed us richly.

Here comes the piano!

The finished piano nook

Our Bedroom
The Heart - our Kitchen!

The cute little wall decal!

Lizy's room

View to the west end of the deck

The Boys new Cave.

Guest Bedroom
 A great fishing spot just 1 min down the road! The Ewan Maddock Dam

6 February 2012

Our House Building Project

Our bushy block on the sunshine coast is about to make way for our new house!

What a journey we are on... immensely fun and blessed along the way.

Tree Felling: Note that son number 1 was not able to remove the big babies.... so we called in the backup!

Had a great win with the tree fellers/fellas... they were amazing. Apparently they've never felled so many trees in one day... (can't help think it was thanks to Jonno watchin on!)

Out of a cleared site....
The carcass emerges! (click on photos to see the little faces!)

And the skin goes on - roof and cladding

Time to get painting...
Thanks to our amazing dad and pete hopper for the hours spent on the end of a brush! (did I ever mention that I like grey?)

Thanks also ... to the torrential Queensland rain and flooding - now we have to deal with great cavernous holes in our driveway, as mountain-side-fulls of water come bucketing down.

Although we were hoping for that "natural look" on our driveway (ie. none) we'll now have to add a few loads of ugly road base to our beautiful block in an effort to create access for the builders.

At least we'll be able to get up to the house I suppose.....A real plus!

Now our friends are starting to come and visit! 

Kitchen goes in this week and then the lighting and tiling!

I have been waiting all week (sorry... for two years) to see this kitchen eventuate!
And here it is!  
(Missing its light-grey stone top ... coming next wk)... but still the length of the BUS and certainly aMAZing to me! 
(that's a small bus)
(do I use 'parentheses' too much?)

Many thanks to Coastal Style Joinery for their help - Andre is amazing! And Trevor... I will have a "wine rack" photo coming.... You are entirely responsible for the spectacular use of the void at the end of that island... 

Here it is - thanks Trev.  

Red tiles are to go on the splash back next week... so I'll post pics of those too.

The stone tops took forever to come.. but finally I can ACTUALLy say they are coming on Wednesday.
Since finishing some more of our painting work ... 
we have about 2 weeks now til completion... wow... now we are finally counting down.

Jon found T & G timber (spotted gum no less!) ripped up from a 2 year old community hall. so we'll be laying our own 2nd hand floors - which we did at David Street... but THIS stuff is free of nails, is already tempered, dry, and worn in.  

Balustrading also went on... looking sweet. Note to self: teach children not to climb on stainless wiring.  :-I

Oh - and I'm very much besotted by our kitchen pendant lights that we "made"
(should I say - envisaged) (with the help of the Northcoast Lamp Shade Ladies in Nambour)...  reckon they're a winner.

We are feeling very excited, blessed, tired, stretched in the whole process. But the finishing line is now close.