6 February 2012

Our House Building Project

Our bushy block on the sunshine coast is about to make way for our new house!

What a journey we are on... immensely fun and blessed along the way.

Tree Felling: Note that son number 1 was not able to remove the big babies.... so we called in the backup!

Had a great win with the tree fellers/fellas... they were amazing. Apparently they've never felled so many trees in one day... (can't help think it was thanks to Jonno watchin on!)

Out of a cleared site....
The carcass emerges! (click on photos to see the little faces!)

And the skin goes on - roof and cladding

Time to get painting...
Thanks to our amazing dad and pete hopper for the hours spent on the end of a brush! (did I ever mention that I like grey?)

Thanks also ... to the torrential Queensland rain and flooding - now we have to deal with great cavernous holes in our driveway, as mountain-side-fulls of water come bucketing down.

Although we were hoping for that "natural look" on our driveway (ie. none) we'll now have to add a few loads of ugly road base to our beautiful block in an effort to create access for the builders.

At least we'll be able to get up to the house I suppose.....A real plus!

Now our friends are starting to come and visit! 

Kitchen goes in this week and then the lighting and tiling!

I have been waiting all week (sorry... for two years) to see this kitchen eventuate!
And here it is!  
(Missing its light-grey stone top ... coming next wk)... but still the length of the BUS and certainly aMAZing to me! 
(that's a small bus)
(do I use 'parentheses' too much?)

Many thanks to Coastal Style Joinery for their help - Andre is amazing! And Trevor... I will have a "wine rack" photo coming.... You are entirely responsible for the spectacular use of the void at the end of that island... 

Here it is - thanks Trev.  

Red tiles are to go on the splash back next week... so I'll post pics of those too.

The stone tops took forever to come.. but finally I can ACTUALLy say they are coming on Wednesday.
Since finishing some more of our painting work ... 
we have about 2 weeks now til completion... wow... now we are finally counting down.

Jon found T & G timber (spotted gum no less!) ripped up from a 2 year old community hall. so we'll be laying our own 2nd hand floors - which we did at David Street... but THIS stuff is free of nails, is already tempered, dry, and worn in.  

Balustrading also went on... looking sweet. Note to self: teach children not to climb on stainless wiring.  :-I

Oh - and I'm very much besotted by our kitchen pendant lights that we "made"
(should I say - envisaged) (with the help of the Northcoast Lamp Shade Ladies in Nambour)...  reckon they're a winner.

We are feeling very excited, blessed, tired, stretched in the whole process. But the finishing line is now close. 

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